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10 Simple Reasons To Choose Gelato

Made Fresh To Order

All Our Gelato Is Made From Fresh Milk And Cream
Less Air Resulting In A Denser Product
Less Fat Resulting In A More Flavourful Experience
Made By Hand With Great Care And Dedication
No Artificial Preservatives Or Flavours
Flavour Possibilities Are Endless
Considered One Of The World's 50 Best Foods
Appeals to Consumers Of All Ages

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Why Choose Casa?

Handcrafted With Love And Harmony

Casa’s artisan Italian Gelato and Sorbetto are handcrafted with dedication by a team of passionate and enthusiastic individuals.  Our premium range appeal to discerning consumers because they are made with the freshest, finest ingredients sourced locally and from all over the world.

We Sell Quality


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Three days from your order being placed you’ll be receiving a delivery from one of our own delivery drivers or from our used and trusted frozen courier services.

Display And Serve

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Casa Del Gelato have a diverse range of flavours of Gelato

Plus we make a large range of dairy free sorbettos, frozen yoghurt and cheesecake gelato.

Development Of New Flavours 40%
Design Of New Packaging Solutions 40%
Marketing 60%
Mobile And Online Ordering Solutions 95%


”We met the lovely team of Casa del Gelato at the Taste of Christmas event in the ExCel and we absolutely fell in love with their delicious authentic Italian Gelato. The English equivalent of Gelato is Ice Cream, however there are significant differences between them. According to Casa del Gelato “Italian gelato contains less fat than ice cream, has less incorporated air, and is served at a higher temperature. Consequently, gelato provides a greater flavour experience because there is less fat that coats the tongue, more flavour per spoonful (due to less air), and the taste buds are more alive since the temperature is not so cold as to dull their sensitivity. Not to mention fewer calories to burn!” No wonder why Casa Del Gelato‘s range taste just amazing! Check out their whole range by following this link or buy by contacting Casa Del Gelato!”


Leni & Mimi

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We are more than happy to meet onsite at our production location and present a variety of flavours to sample.
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